How to visit PARIS in 24 HOURS

As written before, I spent the summer in London and one weekend some friends and I decided to go to Paris! However, we were dumb and accidentally planned it so that our flight arrives on Thursday night at 1030pm and then our departing flight takes off Saturday morning at 6am... soo that left us with … Continue reading How to visit PARIS in 24 HOURS


Favorite things about LONDON

Over the summer, I was lucky enough to be able to study abroad in London for 6 weeks and I had the actual best time of life, not an exaggeration. Sooo I figured I write some of the best things about my experience and thought it might help whoever is studying there!     PUB … Continue reading Favorite things about LONDON

5 Reasons I Love Mornings

1) FRESH FACE. (usually) I love waking up and looking in the mirror and seeing that the clearasil actually worked the night before. (plus you can do a new makeup look!) 2) NOT hungry. this may be uncommon but for some reason I'm never hungry in the mornings and it's great because when I'm hungry I'm basically those Snickers … Continue reading 5 Reasons I Love Mornings

Senior Year of High School

For some reason, during senior year everyone got hit by a brick of maturity. Slowly people became less attached to their cliques or their social groups, and started mingling and interacting with anyone, no matter their socially constructed "group affiliation". By the time prom hit, people who had never interacted before were each others dates, … Continue reading Senior Year of High School