5 Reasons I Love Mornings

1) FRESH FACE. (usually) I love waking up and looking in the mirror and seeing that the clearasil actually worked the night before. (plus you can do a new makeup look!)

2) NOT hungry. this may be uncommon but for some reason I’m never hungry in the mornings and it’s great because when I’m hungry I’m basically those Snickers commercials

3) Skinniest in the morning All my clothes fit properly, I’m not bloated, etc. etc. everyone loves feeling healthy (i think?)

4) Phone fully charged No need to stress about my phone dying after a full 8 hours of iPhone recharging.

5) The sun is shining. the day is new!  (most times). New mornings are new opportunities to change your life. Make the day count! You have the whole day to get stuff done!


Screenshot 2017-04-26 11.34.36


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